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Whats happening with 2021 Movies ?!

Year 2021 - things aren’t totally back to normal, but there was plenty to see wherever you preferred to watch your favorites. It was a big year for movie musicals – some wonderful, others not so much (looking at you, "Dear Evan Hansen"). A year after “Bill & Ted” returned, Keanu Reeves brought back another beloved series with “The Matrix Resurrections.” The Legend of the 10 Rings,” Vin Diesel revved up the box office with a ninth “Fast and Furious” and Scarlett Johansson reprised her “Avengers” role in “Black Widow,”

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Top 2021 Movies List

  • The Green Knight - The stunningly-captured sweeping frontier vistas contrast with the tiniest tactile details, like delicately folded paper flowers, squeaking cowhide pulled tight by muddy fingernails, and the ominous sound of clinking spurs

  • Another Round - Thomas Vinterberg's exploration of alcohol is a cinematic unicorn

  • The Mitchells Vs. The Machines - a free-flowing flood of laugh-out-loud gags, and an emotional father-daughter throughline that packs real punch.

  • Palm Springs - liberally poaches the bare bones of Harold Ramis's classic comedy and somehow finds some fresh flesh for them

  • Spider-Man: No Way Home - it delivers moment after incredible moment specifically designed to stimulate floods of dopamine in the collective nerd consciousness

  • West Side Story - Beyond the technical mastery and shining songs, West Side Story is packed with star-making turns!

  • Nomadland - There are no exploding volcanoes or celestial brawls here – just gorgeous wide-screen vistas and beautifully-handled human stories galore

  • Minari - it's a weed that purifies the ground and the water around it. This is what Lee Isaac Chung's mini masterpiece is all about, the deep connections that root us !

  • Sound Of Metal - puts you inside the head of heavy metal drummer Ruben (Riz Ahmed), losing not only his hearing, but also his raison d'étre, its about so much more than an aural flex

  • Dune - A sweeping space opera tinted with arthouse sensibility, the film is less concerned with its action set-pieces, and rather in soaking up every mote of colour, texture and sensation in the world of force shields on Atreides soldiers, or the wallowing mass of Stellan Skarsgård's Baron, breaching the surface of his oil bath like a swollen, pasty leviathan.